Coaching Packages



Have you lost your MOJO? Are you feeling disconnected from your creative self, going through the motions or a bit jaded with it all? Has it been a while since you felt the spark, the passion, the joy that doing what you love used to bring?

This is a disempowering place to be and when you find yourself stuck in Groundhog Day it can start to impact on so many other areas of your life, from your mental health to your personal relationships.

Working together, we’ll discover what might have brought you to this point in the first place, and taking our lead from these insights, we’ll map out a plan for getting you back on track, feeling motivated and inspired again. We’ll look at how you want to feel, where you want to be, what you want to be doing and who you want to have in your life as you reconnect to your creative passion and purpose.

This is a deep dive coaching experience with a big focus on self-refection, powerful questioning and a little bit of journaling or mind mapping (if that works for you). We’ll also spend time exploring your values and helping you reconnect to them if you’ve strayed off course.

At the end of our time together you’ll feel realigned to your purpose, excited by what the future holds and reconnected to the magic of your unique talent.


Have you reached a career plateau but know you’ve got so much more to give? Do you feel ready for the next step and want to make some big shifts so you can really start fulfilling your potential?

Up-levelling career wise can be scary. On one level, you may feel 100% ready to take that leap, while on another (often subconscious level) there may be some fear or resistance around what the next level might mean for you.

It may mean going from relative anonymity to suddenly finding yourself in the spotlight, with all the pressure that entails. It may mean suddenly working with people you have admired for years and wondering if you’re up to the task. Impostor syndrome can be a big issue after a career up-level. The pressure is on to perform and fears may surface around letting people down. It may also mean working away from home more often and being away from friends and family and all that’s familiar to keep you anchored.

Simply put, up-levelling means shifting out of the comfort zone and into the zone of expansion where all the juicy stuff happens! It can be daunting and feel overwhelming at times, but I am here to walk with you every step of the way.

We’ll spend time getting really clear on what the next level looks like for you and how it will feel when you get there. We’ll then map out a very clear action plan, which will involve practical steps as well as mindset work to get you 100% focussed on success.

At the end of the sessions you’ll know exactly what the next step looks like for you and will be ready to move forward with confidence and purpose towards the Big Vision.


As a successful artist or performer your operating system is not like everyone else’s. You feel things intensely, you are highly sensitive, you are driven, ambitious, determined. You are more than likely a perfectionist and you live and love passionately. Living so close to the edge of such emotional intensity can be exhausting and when we don’t take the time to recharge and refill, burn out is a very real issue. I’ve been there myself and it was not pretty!

If you have experienced burn out or feel like you might be on the verge of it then please know it is absolutely OK to ask for help. It’s more than OK – it’s essential. It can be such a lonely and bewildering experience and many people going through it feel inclined to withdraw and isolate themselves at a time when they need as much support from other human beings as they can get.

We’ll spend time looking at the circumstances surrounding your burnout or exhaustion. What’s been going on for you career-wise and in your personal life to bring you to this point? We’ll then look at what needs to change and how you can start to find a more balanced and sustainable way of being and doing.

This is a different kind of coaching experience and focuses on nourishing you in every way possible – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Burnout can leave you feeling empty and lost and my role as your coach and mentor is to help you feel whole again. To hold a safe space for you to breathe and just ‘be’ as you slowly find your way back to yourself, reconnected to your joy and your passion, and ready to dive back into the career and work that you love.


You don’t need to have a specific goal or outcome in mind to benefit hugely from coaching. I also offer regular support to help you manage the ongoing challenges of a demanding career.

At each session you can choose the topic you’d like to focus on and we’ll deep dive into it with curiosity and purpose. We’ll look at where you are now with that aspect of your life and what tweaks or changes you could make to ensure you are showing up as the best possible version of yourself.

There may be times when you simply want to talk, to share what’s been going on with you and to take some much-needed time for reflection and self-enquiry. I will listen and be fully present as you unpack any challenges or obstacles you’re currently facing.

This ‘time out’ is so incredibly important for an active and creative mind, yet it’s something we hardly ever get the opportunity to do. There’s always somewhere else to be or something more ‘important’ to focus on.

This is your time and your space to explore whatever is on your mind. At the end of the session, we may come up with some actions or set some homework, or it may be that you just needed some time and space to let everything out and in doing so, to let it go.

As a creative being you need stimulation, variety, fun, new challenges, respite, time to refuel and time to just ‘be’. And I’m in your corner to help you make sure you’re focusing as much time as you can on all of this essential nourishment for your soul.