Creative types – we’re wired differently.

In my experience, often the very things that make an artist so good at what they do are the same things that can make living as an artist somewhat challenging! You might recognise some of the following:

– An overactive mind that seems to be constantly whirring with ideas

– A tendency to work to the point of exhaustion

– A need for perfection – seeing anything less than 100% as a ‘failure’

– A tendency to be extremely hard on yourself

– Difficulty saying no to work or recognising when you need to take time off

– Emotional intensity – you feel everything very powerfully and deeply

– A tendency to focus on all the things you haven’t yet achieved as opposed to all the things you have already achieved

– Difficulty staying organised and on top of ‘life admin’ and finances

– Swinging from high to low to high again (to a large extent the nature of the beast when you’re a performer but bloody exhausting nonetheless!)

– A tendency to equate your worth as an individual with your creative output

– Not great with the concept of ‘moderation.’ You’re an all or nothing person and you struggle to find the middle ground

You might have the career part nailed but struggle with the ‘you’ part. You might still be working on the career part but feel the ‘you’ part is holding you back. Figuring out how to live in a balanced and sustainable way in an industry that can be anything but can be quite the process.

How can coaching help me?

Coaching is a powerful process of learning and self-discovery that helps you get clear on how you need to be and what you need to do in order to live a truly fulfilling creative life. It’s about discovering who you are at your very core and figuring out what’s most important to you as you work towards desired outcomes and goals.

What do you need to have in place emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, and, on a more practical level, what needs to change so that you can live a life that you feel excited and inspired by?

Simply put, it’s about getting to know and understand your unique operating system!

Together we will identify what areas of your career and personal life you would like to work on and come up with an actionable plan to help you make the shifts and changes that will bring you closer to your Big Vision. You are always in the driving seat and we will always work to your agenda, however, I’m here to help you map out the route, hold you accountable and give you all the support you need as you progress through each stage.

These are just some of the things we might explore and work on together.

– How to keep your personal cup full enough that you can share your talent and do what you love without it wearing you out.

– What does a positive and nourishing relationship with your art or craft look and feel like for you? If you find yourself going through a particularly demanding period – maybe you’re on tour and being on the road is beginning to wear you out – we’ll explore how you can keep the energy and motivation levels up when both start to wane.

– Performing can place enormous demands on you, both physically and emotionally so we’ll look at healthy and positive ways of coping with this. Burn out is a very real and all-too- frequent consequence of demanding schedules so this is one of the things I’ll be on the lookout for. Prevention is 100% better than cure in this instance!

– As an introverted and successful performer, we’ll look at how you cope with living your life in the public domain, your every move, mistake and mishap fodder for a rapacious tabloid press.

– As an extroverted performer who loves being around people, we might look at some daily or weekly practices you can experiment with to make sure you have enough time alone to recharge, reflect and reconnect.

– We’ll explore how you maintain a healthy relationship with your fans – the people who support and adore your work but often expect a little too much of you in return. Where do you draw the boundaries?

– If moving to the next level in your career is on the agenda, we’ll look at what that looks like on a practical level but also how you can prepare emotionally and psychologically for BIG THINGS.

– We’ll look at how you can find more space in your day. When schedules and commitments are hectic, it’s so important to find the time to stop, breathe, reflect and figure out what it is you really want.

Having a successful career is not the same as successfully living as the totally unique human that you are. And if the balance is not quite right, it can be difficult to enjoy all the benefits and gifts of that successful career. All the awards in the world can’t compensate for being able to face the day with confidence, enthusiasm, a sense of hope and an ability to appreciate all the wonderful things and people in your life.

The coaching relationship

Whether we meet in person, via Zoom or over the phone, my intention is to create a safe and supportive space for your learning and discovery. This is your time and your opportunity to reflect, examine, ponder, question, vent if you need to, and bring any topic to the table.

After our initial consultation we will work together to get 100% clear on what you want to get from the process. It may be that you have a specific goal or outcome in mind, or it may be that you want support on an ongoing basis to help you meet the demands and challenges of your creative career.

Either way, consider your coaching session as a time to focus exclusively on yourself, slow down, take some much-needed space, and get the support you need to move forward with a sense of purpose and optimism.

Coaching Packages 

Due to the unprecedented challenges of the Coronavirus, all coaching packages are currently available on a ‘Pay What You Can’ basis.


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