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On this 8-week intensive course we explore and tackle a whole range of thing including:


  • The self-sabotaging beliefs that are keeping you stuck and unable to see a way forward.
  • The patterns of behaviour that are linked to these beliefs.
  • Some nifty tools for dealing with the saboteur and tuning into the inner voice that wants action.
  • Your unique creative process and how you can harness it to support you.
  • What it is you really want to achieve in your creative life.
  • The practical steps you can take daily/weekly/monthly to keep you moving forward towards creative fulfillment or creative career success.
  • And, given that the antidote to fear is action, we’ll get you started on a creative project, which you’ll present to the group in week 7.


We have a maximum of four people in each group and we meet once a week (Tuesday or Wednesday night at 8pm) via Zoom (a bit like Skype only better). Prior to each class you’ll have a video to watch and a small amount of homework to do. I encourage everyone to get the homework done and be on every call as this is where the magic happens!


We have a lot of fun, we dig deep, we laugh, (occasionally cry) and we see some pretty amazing shifts take place.


Your investment is £550. Payment plans available.


Ready to learn more and find out if it’s a good match for you? Book a discovery call and let’s take it from there.



Are you ready for real change? Are you ready to commit to your creative soul, dig deep and be fiercely courageous as you move forward in your creative life? Then working privately with me is a great place to start.


One to one coaching is a bit like having a really deep no BS conversation with yourself. It’s about bringing awareness to all the things that are making you feel stuck, disillusioned or frustrated.  And it’s about getting crystal clear on what exactly you need in order to feel excited, challenged and fulfilled in your creative life. Speedbumps and potholes are a given when you follow the creative path – the secret is not to let them throw you off course completely.


Working one to one allows us to go deeper into the various methods I use to evoke real transformation, and ensures that you get bespoke homework and challenges that are tailored just for you and where you are in your creative life right now.


Please note: real change does take time, so for this reason I work with private clients for a minimum of 8 sessions. Let’s organise a discovery call to see if we’re a good match.


Investment per 8 sessions: £720. Payment plans available.



A power session is a great option if you’re feeling pretty content with your creative life in general, know you’re on the right path and are making good progress, but just need to work through one particular stumbling block.


Power sessions are great for the following:

  • Confidence has taken a temporary dip.
  • You’ve got a big decision to make and could use some coaching to help you make it.
  • We’ve had one to one or group coaching in the past and you’d like a top up.
  • You’d like to get started on a project and you need a step-by-step plan of action.
  • You’d like accountability on a regular basis (usually monthly).
  • Something just feels a bit ‘off’ and you’re not quite sure what it is.


Investment per session: £105 payable prior to the session. Book a discovery call and let’s take it from there.