Get Connected. Be yourself. Meet fellow creatives. Bring focus. Find clarity. Be supported. Receive coaching. Hold intentions. Share your challenges. Set goals. Be held accountable. Grow your business. Get out of your office!

When: Third Thursday of every month 09.45am-12:15pm
Where: ONCA Gallery meeting room, Brighton
Price for your first meeting: £7

The Space Brighton is a new approach to growing your creative business, progressing your career and making connections in a way that feels true to you. It’s not about networking in the traditional sense – putting your game face on every week, pitching your pitch and pretending you’ve got this whole creative business/career thing NAILED!

It’s about showing up wherever you’re at, taking time for yourself to reconnect, feel energised about your next steps and get to know likeminded creatives. It’s a space for you to receive the support and coaching you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and growing this business or career you feel so passionately about… Because let’s face it, sometimes it can be bloody tough!

We meet once a month from 09.45 -12.15pm and over the course of our morning we allow whatever needs to be in The Space to unfold without pressure, while still maintaining a schedule and agenda that allows for discovery, learning, support, one to one coaching, group exercises, intention and purpose. We want you to leave The Space every month feeling invigorated, inspired and excited about the things you’re going to focus on and the intentions you’re setting for the following four weeks. This means that sometimes, it might be about letting the crap out so you can let the good stuff in! Ultimately, our aim as a group is to create a space where we feel safe to share, get support on our individual challenges, and ultimately grow in our personal and professional lives.

We meet on the third Thursday of every month in the meeting room of the ONCA gallery, Brighton (arrive at 9:30am for a 09.45am start)We limit numbers to a maximum of 12 people so we can get to know to know each other, find out where we all are with our businesses or careers right now and what our goals, hopes and dreams are. At the end of our session, you’re welcome to ask questions, find out about what we have planned for the upcoming gatherings, and decide if you’d like to join us for an exciting 6-month journey.

Why not come along to find out more for the special introductory price of just £7 to include light refreshments. We’d love to see you there!

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About your hosts

Jude Schweppe

I am a writer and CTI trained coach with a special interest in working with creative souls. I’m passionate about creativity and the importance of integrating our creative talents into our lives in a way that feels fulfilling, inspiring and nourishing. I am also a serial entrepreneur and like to have at least two or three business ideas simmering away at any one time! You can find out more about my coaching work at Along with Becky, I will be leading the group coaching exercises and offering one to one support and mentoring. I am so looking forward to creating a special space where creativity and dreams can flourish.

Becky Rui

I’m a personal branding photographer for ethical entrepreneurs and am fascinated by how living our lives in connection with our creativity and intuition gives us the confidence to be ourselves, trust our gut and allow our best life. Through my work with clients and in connecting with other creatives, I see how so many of us are craving deeper, more authentic connection, time to check in with ourselves and a space to be seen. I’m so excited for us to come together, hold that space and see what magic unfolds!
Find out more about Becky’s personal branding work here:

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