The Make It Happen Session

Let’s get the idea out of your head and into the world!

A million ideas, so many possibilities, so many avenues you COULD go down, so much passion for your creative business, so much excitement, so much ambition, so much drive, so much desire, and YET – too many ideas, too many possibilities, too many avenues you could go down.

Where do you start? What if you start with the wrong thing and miss an opportunity? How do you tame that monkey brain? How do you just get started on something, and then keep taking steps to get to the next thing and the next thing until you start to see THE thing come together.

Welcome to the wonderful, glorious world of the creative entrepreneur!

Been there, done that, have the t-shirt in five different colours! The game changer for me was getting out of my own head, and my own office, meeting up with other people, getting some perspective, some clarity, some much needed support and professional coaching and finally figuring out how to

I am so passionate about helping people just like you get out of overwhelm and that sense of panic that comes with not knowing quite where to start. We then calmly (and with a dollop of fun) figure out how to get you into action, feeling confident and excited that you’ve got a really clear idea of what your next steps are and how to implement them. It’s about getting to grips with the big picture and then accepting that the big picture cannot and should not be tackled all at once. The only thing you need to focus on right now is the next obvious step and how you’re going to achieve it. If any of this sounds familiar and you’re ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN then I’d love you to join the next MIH Session:


Where: The ONCA gallery meeting room in Brighton

When: May 9th

Time: 10am – 2pm

Cost:  £95



– You’ll meet with five other fabulous and interesting creative people (I like to keep the groups quite small)
– We’ll start by getting really clear on what EXACTLY it is you want to achieve next. The exactly bit is important
– We’ll look at what you need to get done in order to make this happen
– We’ll explore what might be holding you back – this is where the lightbulb often pings!
– We’ll get into pairs to brainstorm ideas
– We’ll get clarity, we’ll get focus and most importantly, you’ll leave with a clear and actionable plan on next steps
– We’ll also get clear on the support you need and how you’ll hold yourself accountable
– AND, we’ll get out of our home studios, meet some new people, drink some tea and have a fun and productive morning!


Cost: £95 including tea/coffee and snacks

Where: ONCA Gallery Meeting Room

When: Wednesday 9th May 2018

Time: 10am – 2pm

I’m interested but can’t make those dates

Kind words from previous workshop attendees.


"Jude has an amazing talent for getting past the saboteurs and the Impostor Syndrome and finding the heart of your creativity. I realised ideas and passions in my session with Jude that were buried very, very deep down. However, I’ve come away, inspired, focused and with an actionable plan for an exciting new creative adventure. I have no hesitation in recommending Jude as a wonderful creative coach!"

Georgie St Clair

– Artist


"I can honestly say I feel I have reclaimed my sparkle. I had been cruising along for quite a while, not sure which way to turn and feeling creatively starved. I badly needed a shake. Jude’s highly insightful course jolted me out of that state and strongly reminded me of what I am passionate about."

Wendy Dynan-Gleeson

– Actress


"I felt honoured to witness some creative unfolding and breakthroughs and was challenged in a good and positive way to allow myself to unfold too. I was able to give myself creative permission, and let go of some of the blocks that had been holding me back. I am now ready to expand and feel able to share my unique creative talents with the world. A wonderful, supportive group facilitated by Jude - a passionate and down-to-earth coach able to laser focus on helping creative women explore and make real their heart's desires."

Maddie Millett

– Goddess Workshop Facilitator


"Thank you, Jude, for your amazing insights and encouragement. My whole approach to creativity has changed for the better thanks to you. I encourage anyone who is considering taking this course to go for it. Jude has a natural gift for creative coaching, and as a writer, performer and entrepreneur herself, she completely understands the joys as well as the struggles creativity brings."

Nick Wilkinson

– Screenwriter


"If you are not quite sure how to define what your creative dream is, what makes you go zippety-do-da with a smile that lights up your face, then spend some time with Jude. She’ll entice it out of you and then help you break that down into action steps so tiny they combat that feeling of overwhelm. The great thing about Jude is her natural enthusiasm about your individual creativity and your birthright to shout it loud to the world. Perpetual whisperers should definitely sign up."


- Artist


"I spend a lot of time listening to all the mind-made worries and self doubts that come with being a creative person. After taking the Into the Spotlight course, I can safely say that those fears and anxieties have gotten increasingly quieter. Jude’s way of coaching targeted the barriers that were holding me back and basically tore them down. I can’t thank her enough."

Will Francis

- DJ