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Meet Jude…

I’m Jude – a creative coach trained in the Coach Training Institute’s powerful and transformative Co-Active method of coaching. I’ve worn a whole range of different creative hats over the years (actress, writer, music journalist, theatre producer, copywriter, creative director) and I bring all my experience, insight and knowledge to your coaching sessions, in order to evoke real transformation for you.

A native of Dublin, I now live in Brighton with my husband Robin and our little boy, Ollie. Things I love: going to the movies by myself, proper Italian pizza, a cold glass of Pinot Grigio, walking by the beach, dancing, reading with Ollie, and a great TV box set. Things I don’t love: most vegetables!

6 things I believe about walking the creative path

  1. Creativity is a true gift – it should be honoured.
  2. Your creative soul needs nourishment as your body needs food.
  3. The dreams of your childhood are the whisperings of your soul.
  4. You serve no one by playing small.
  5. Action truly is the antidote to fear.
  6. ‘Creativity takes courage.’ – Henri Matisse

I know just how tough it can be to stay committed to your creativity. It doesn’t always pay the bills, it often requires a hell of a lot of sacrifice and there will be dark times when you wander far from the path. But I truly believe that your creativity is the first love of your life, and just as relationships have their ups and downs so does your relationship with this gift you’ve been given. There is always a way to reconnect.

Learn to understand this gift; take care of it, nourish it, give it space to grow and develop, and allow it to be whatever it needs to be without restraint or expectation. Don’t judge it by anyone else’s standards but your own. However you choose to express the yearnings and desires of your creative soul, if it allows you to show up in this world as a vibrant, curious, complete and fulfilled individual that, to me, is the definition of creative success.


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