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The Surprising Joys Of Getting Organised

I am a person who struggles with structure. I don’t like to feel hemmed in (absolutely hated office life with its cubicles and 1pm lunch hours), I don’t like to make plans, I don’t like to make to-do lists, and I loathe project management software. I’ve bought...

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What Dance Taught Me About Making Decisions

I’ll never forget my first pair of ballet shoes. My Mum took me to Nolan’s shoe shop on the high street of our small Irish town and I sat on a little three legged stool transfixed as Mr Nolan brought out several pairs of soft leather slippers in the palest coral pink....

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Be. Here. Now. Lessons In Parenting From A Tummy Bug

'Your homework this week is to practise being in the moment,' said Jennifer Grace, creator and master trainer of the Creative Insights Journey I am currently taking on Monday evenings. I could feel my whole body tensing with resistance before she had even finished the...

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What I Learned From Running

So, here's the thing - I was one of those kids at school who ALWAYS ended up walking instead of running, literally five minutes after P.E class had started. We'd usually start off with laps of the hockey pitch to get the blood pumping, and while the super-fit and...

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My Journey To Calm – Part 1

Once upon a time I was known as The Woman Who Stands In Doorways. I was 25 and living in a house share with three wonderful actresses and a lovely engineer who was dating one of the lovely actresses. We had all recently graduated from drama school and were working in...

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My Journey To Calm – Part 2

Duly persuaded by Hugh Jackman, that in TM lay the secret to peace, calm and contentment, I booked myself a place on the introductory talk that evening then headed off to the My Hotel in Brighton, intrigued as to what I might discover. I'm sure my husband had his...

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