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When Life Gives You Lemsip!

How to reconnect with your creative work when it’s the last thing you feel like doing! The season of lurgy is upon us, and in the last week, son number one has been floored by the flu, the baby is a snotty, coughing, crusty-eyed little dumpling and I sound like I...

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Creativity And Mental Health

October 11th was World Mental Health Day and, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed and read posts from some of my friends and acquaintances brave enough to reflect on their struggles with mental health, it got me thinking about my own, and the crucial role that...

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How To Defeat The Procrastination Monkey

Here’s an interesting thing I’ve noticed about myself – when it comes to getting shit done, I am binary. I will either plough through the to-do list, gleefully ticking things off and high fiving myself for my efficiency and dedication to the project at hand, or I will...

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Why We Need Festivals – Now More Than Ever

Having landed back down to earth with a resounding bump after a magical few days at Bestival last weekend, I’ve been mulling over something that Oli Sim of The XX said during their beautiful set on the Castle Stage last Saturday night. As thousands of fans gathered...

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The Revolution Is Coming And It Will Be Creative

Scrolling through my Facebook feed and following the ugly events that are unfolding in Virginia right now, it’s hard not to feel a sense of despair, anger and helplessness. No, it’s not my country, but this is my world, and as a human being and parent deeply concerned...

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One Man’s Non Linear Is Another Man’s Beautiful Mess

As I shared with my Facebook group yesterday – the process of birthing a new play is messy, emotional and a bit of a head fuck. The highs of creating your characters and developing their story into a piece of dramatic art are often dampened by the painful process of...

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